Apple's way or the highway: iPhone SDK agreement specifically forbids real-time route guidance


GPS maker TomTom may already have their software working on the iPhone, but that doesn't mean Apple is going to let them release it through the iPhone App Store. Sharp BBG readers pointed out Section 3.3.7 (dev account needed) of the Apple iPhone SDK agreement, which states:

Applications may not be designed or marketed for real time route guidance; automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other mechanical devices; dispatch or fleet management; or emergency or life-saving purposes.

That would seem to put the kibosh on efforts from third-party companies like TomTom and Garmin. Yet the software those companies could provide would be a serious boon to the iPhone. You'd think Apple would want them to offer their software if Apple isn't going to make a proper mapping/driving application themselves. Instead, it appears they'll prevent third-parties from releasing the applications, probably because Apple plans to release their own in the future.

Score one for critics of Apple's closed software platform.

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