Bierstick will make you beer sick


Using the same mechanism as a caulking gun, the Bierstick is a $20 plunger that promises the ability to squirt two 12 oz. beers down your throat (and out your ears and nostrils) in under two seconds... a supernatural ability all three Boing Boing Gadgets editors just spent Tuesday night at a few dozen Brooklyn bars proving — without gadgets! — was absolutely innate.

Bierstick [Official Site via Liquorsnob via Crunchgear]

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  1. Oh, immediate ingestion of alcohol without all that inconvenient tasting and swallowing. Why didn’t we think of this? Probably says more about the quality of the inventor’s local brew than about any larger societal need.

  2. Haha, yeah. John and I were just talking about how fast we tend to sip pints…because we enjoy the taste. Good beer fixes manifold sins!

  3. MrScience: Well, no, I wouldn’t try it. For the larrikin who did,, though, it might just be an example of natural selection in action.

  4. I love the lingustic irony here. In German, I immediately saw another word here: bi-ERSTICK!

    Erstick is a root form of the word to suffocate. It also has denotations of asphyxiation, drowning, smothering, choking, and stifling.

    I hope they change the name if they market in Germany.

  5. Why not just drink two double vodkas? (or whatever quantity is equivalent to the alcohol in 24oz of beer).

    I wouldn’t want to try a carbonated drink in that either, yet it’s suggested in the disclaimer on the site!

  6. OMG! Stoner alert. Put a little bung on the end there, then a smoldering bowl… Much less messy then a normal gravity bong with all the water and whatnot.
    Uh, oh, yes, for tobacco only. Yes, tobacco.

  7. This would carry you past the pint (sic) of no return without a second thought. Next are the dares to:

    1.) Do seven more just like it in ten minutes flat, just because someone said you couldn’t.

    2.) Fill one with high-proof vodka.

    3.) Some derivative of the above coupled with the “tobacco only” use of @19.

  8. Made one of these in college. In fact, many people I know did…only in Wisconsin, I guess.

    At the hardware store you can find a similar looking item used to force pain into a roller brush.

  9. So it’s like being waterboarded with beer, right?

    Well… I suppose there are worse ways to go.

    – David Stein

  10. Funnel? We don’t need to frat-boy funnels…

    What happened to cutting a hole in the bottom of the side of the can, apply lips, pull tab..

  11. anyone else notice that on their website their disclaimer is in the form of an EULA?
    it actually begins with
    [quote]By purchasing a Bierstick, you agree to the following:[/quote]

  12. I bought one and i love it its a huge hit at parties its not that i dont like the taste of beer but there is virtually no way to get drunk faster off of beer.

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