Building the perfect electric cigarette

BBG reader Jordan C. sent over a link to a post he made about his vision for a "perfect electric cigarette," having used many of the smoking cessation aids in the past. It's interesting to see how far these things have to go.


Overall total device length would be 60mm - it would have the form factor of a half-smoked cigarette, and be easy to hold unaided in the mouth. It would smoke for 10 minutes or so - the length of a regular cigarette. Longer smoking time would be better, and this will come with better battery technology, but I'm willing to accept the short time for a better form factor and lighter weight. The cig would then be put into an e-pack for recharging. The pack would be the size of a pack of unfiltered lucky strikes or pall malls, and would contain an EXTRA battery, so that if one wanted to chainsmoke, it would be possible to just exchange batteries and keep going. The pack would also have room for a stack of extra cartridges. The cig itself would have a well modeled ash-tip with the led light that works in the manner I describe below. The battery would have the light banding it currently has, but the matte finish would be more matte. The mouthpiece would be molded from light and dark tan plastic to better resemble the cork filter. The brass parts on the cig would be brushed so that they are not shiny. Basically the whole cig would be matte finish. The Pack would be matte as well, and durably made, with well rounded corners and no sharp parts that would snag a pocket.

I'll just keep smoking the tobacco ones until they've perfected the electric technology.

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  1. Now I know it’s a gadget, but come on. If you don’t want to actually smoke cigarettes, quit smoking cigarettes. I smoked for 13 years and once I had decided it was time to quit (the most important part) I used the nicotine patch and quit fairly easily.

    For me the scariest part of quitting was the anticipation of the withdrawls from nicotine, not the actual withdrawl itself. The feeling of “I have to have a smoke now so I don’t jones and gnash my teeth in a half an hour.”

    And as far as a smoking gadget goes, If I needed something “like this thing” to satisfy my oral fixation, I’d find a zip tie (riot handcuffs) and chew on it.

  2. Maybe combine it with that “Taser” thingy a couple stories up?

    Puff, zap! “Hey!”
    Puff, Zzapp! “Oww! Quit it!”
    Puff, ZZAAPPP! “Yeoww! Ok, I’ll quit!”
    Puff, ZZAAZZAAZZAAPPP! “Holy… Ok, really, I’ll quit!”

  3. I went for a smoke after reading this post. You should probably put a disclaimer or something.

  4. >If you don’t want to actually smoke cigarettes, quit smoking cigarettes. I smoked for 13 years and once I had decided it was time to quit (the most important part) I used the nicotine patch and quit fairly easily.
    It’s great that you were able to quit easily, but you have to realize that not everyone has your unique body chemistry.

    All of the natural variation that gives us such a wide range of features, abilities, and interests also gives us varying resistance to addiction and disease. For some people, it’s pretty easy to kick a habit, but for others it truly is impossible.

    Enjoy not having to smoke anymore, but not everyone can just drop the habit like an old pair of shoes.

  5. You want to quit smoking? Switch to chew.

    You’ll get rid of the hand-to-mouth habit and the always-on-fire habit right away. And chew is so gross you’ll taper off the nicotine habit fairly quickly, especially if you swallow. It’s not that hard to give up the habit of stuffing a wad of filthy crumbly chemical-burning dogshit in your lip. Took me exactly one can.

  6. it’d certainly be an interesting device for delivering drugs in general… imagine one shaped like a joint that delivers pure THC vapour with all the looks of a joint without the smell and irritating inconsistent burn. lol

  7. #4: LOL, You probably won’t see this since it’s dropped so low, but wow, quitting smoking was excruciating. I say it was fairly easy because it wasn’t nearly as bad as I made it out in my head. You just need to want to quit. That’s all I meant.

    I was a chain smoker. Someone that you looked at and said “He’s going to smoke for the rest of his life.” A diehard smoker. I worked in a tobacco shop. Many jobs I was allowed to smoke on the job. Really, I wasn’t a social smoker, and if I can quit, anyone can.

  8. Who says anyone that buys one of these things wants to quit? In fact, who bills this as a cessation aid in the first place? It looks like a stunning alternative for someone who wants to be rid of nasty smelling hair, overflowing ashtrays, and the 400 some odd ingredients BESIDES nicotine that go into a traditional smoke… you know, all that other crap that causes cancer in the first place. The nicotine was put there for the express reason of getting smokers addicted so that they would keep buying the product. There is nothing harmful about nicotine, its just addictive, that’s it. Looks healthier, less messy, and legal to smoke in places that have a smoking ban to me, what’s not to love?

  9. i think you should look at the luci. i think it’s the best one i’ve found out there. it actually works pretty well and doesn’t seem so generic. ive been seeing a lot more people smoking them lately. not sure if this is their site or a reseller, but has them.

  10. but dose it work good ?
    did any body found a legit website of users that stop smokink with the electric cigarette

  11. I’ve been using them for 3 years (since they came out, they wer huge in those days). I’ve a blog about them (not selling them, just reviewing them) at

    I don’t use them to give up, but to keep smoking without risking lung cancer.

  12. Hey guys. These are really cool devices… I have actually have one myself… but when I puff on my device, the tip actually lights up blue. So it is easier to get away with it at places where they ban smoking. I think I can get use to smoking my Electronic Cigarette. Anyways these smoking devices are healthier than regular cigs, because you are taking in water vapor. And they are great conversation starters at clubs and bars.

  13. Hi,
    I quit 10 years ago. I had to screw my head on straight and be committed. The oral fixation (habit?) is the most difficult. Very difficult. I had to quit drinking too to stay away. I don’t know if it would have helped but it sounds cool.

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  15. Electronic Cigarettes are definitely a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Unfortunately, the FDA is giving the entire industry a hassle for a product that has the potential to save millions of lives.

  16. I for one can see why so many people are looking to buy electronic cigarettes. I have been using one for the last three months and they are one of the best things to hit the market since sliced bread. However I can see how they just do not cut it for some people. But the person who make the original topic of this post is just plain picky.

    For most however electronic cigarettes are saving them their health as well as a lot of money.

  17. Mark me on the list too. I switched from tobacco cigarettes to the Halo Electronic Cigarette about 2 months ago. I’m really happy that they use American Made Smoke Juice in all their products instead of the Chinese Poison.

    Johnny Blaze

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