Giant spider robot is slow, terrifying and noisy

2007 Burning Man Spider Machine [Andrew in Frisco via MAKE]

Update: Mike writes, "My friend Jon built a robot spider which is vastly superior to the cumbersome behemoth you posted today."

Come now, giant robot spiders. You're both pretty.

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  1. Poor guy, all that work and burned gas and the bikini babe didn’t give it a second(or even first) glance.

  2. I’m terrified by spiders, but the scantily clad woman (topless even?) made it worth it.

  3. Yeah, BigDog is just terrifying and noisy. Although I’d rather see this trundling after me than the BigDog and its svelte prancy Silent Hill-esque legs.

  4. That’s my cousin Sam’s robot spider, Mondo Spider! Sam and a team of grease monkeys assembled it and are working in improvements like Li-ion batteries. I’ve always been a fan of more fire breathing features though.

    All the mondo spider you could want at their aptly named website:

  5. Gilmoid Anonymous here. It’ll be a long time before somebody can yell:

    “Walkers!! They’ve got Walkers!!

  6. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

    Daddy like

    I’ll have to get a squad of henchmen trained up on those quick.

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