M21 Flat Panel puts modern HDTV inside mid-century modern console


Joe Wilkerson's "M21 Flat Panel" is just a prototype design, although the furniture maker would probably be all-too-willing to make a custom cabinet for your plasma or LCD flat panel if you were willing to pay the price. It's a lovely look and one not too difficult to replicate for the home woodworker. Or so I hope: I'm going to be moving into a new place in a couple of weeks and am wanting to try to build a false wall for all my electronics and such in my new bedroom. Now I'm thinking how slick it'd be to do the whole thing with this sort of mid-century modern gilled speaker grill touches. (More on my new room soon; I need to run over there and take pictures and precise measurements before I draft up plans. I'd love to trawl your minds for good ideas.)

Product Page [WilkersonFurniture.com via Gizmodo via Unplggd]

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