Rumor: TomTom not developing iPhone GPS software after all


TomTom has not yet begun to develop navigation software for the iPhone despite announcements to the contrary, an anonymous source from within the company tells Boing Boing Gadgets. No software prototypes for iPhone exist to our source's knowledge.

An email was sent through the company yesterday "underscoring that we haven't officially announced anything, we're just commenting to the press on a 'reactive not proactive' basis," says the source.

Our request for comment from TomTom about the company's plans for the iPhone, sent two days ago, has not yet been answered.

If this rumor is accurate, it would appear that TomTom made the statement to Reuters earlier this week in an attempt to alleviate concerns that the addition of GPS hardware to the iPhone 3G would in some way obviate their long-term business. A smart marketing move, but perhaps not entirely honest.

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