Ungadget: Light bulbs used as lamps


A gutted light bulb, a neodymium magnet, paraffin oil. Put them together and you have Sergio Silva's incredible Oyule Lamp Set. The concept is lovely–to take modern technology back in time, but still put it to its "original" use.

The $650 price tag is nutty, because however good the art is, the idea is free. On the other hand, it's perhaps the case that this $650 is also buying you a configuration that's been properly tested, and won't end up showering your face in napalm and shattered glass.

Product Page [66degrees via cribcandy]

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  1. All I can think about is the slightest bump causing oil to coat everything around it, with flame not far behind.

    This is a fire hazard to make Carrie proud.

  2. I’ve already got a lightbulb hollowed out sitting around here. I’ve been meaning to make a small tabletop burner for making Turkish Coffee with it, but I haven’t found a way to hold the wick that sets me completely at ease. I keep having visions of the flame front getting inside the bulb….

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