iPhone hidden in a Moleskine


Wired's Charlie Sorrel constructs a How-To on concealing your iPhone inside a moleskine–perfect for reading eBooks.

Adds Brownlee: "It's done about exactly as you'd expect: with an exacto knife and a whole horse carcass' worth of glue."

How To Turn an iPhone into a Moleskine Book [Wired: Gadget Lab]

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’m told SCA members have been embedding palmtops in mock “wax tablets” for years, both making them acceptable in the medieval-costuming aesthetic and mapping them to the nearest equivalent erasable note-taking device of the time.

  2. As pricey as Moleskines are, I’d have a tough time making that first cut. Pick up a cheap bound journal at Half-Price books for this project, and use the Moleskine’s creamy paper for sensuous longhand prose…

  3. @5: Try using your moleskine-embedded iPhone on your fixed-gear steampunk bike. You’ll explode from hiposity.

  4. @4: I wholeheartedly disagree. I think all the moleskine has going for it is its discreet exterior. That paper is really quite so-so for liquid inks. I’d use moleskines for hidin’ junk in, and use Rhodia, Clairefontaine, even Black n’ Red for my sensuous prose writin’.

  5. If that doesn’t slip out easily, you’re going to look goofier than Maxwell Smart answering it when it rings. 😀

  6. Just FYI, that’s an iPod Touch, not an iPhone.
    (You can tell because of the black edge banding instead of the chrome seen on iPhones.)

    I wonder if whoever owns it is super-excited about getting to pay Jobs & Co. for the privilege of upgrading to the 2.0 OS that iPhone users get for free?

  7. #12
    Not comparable.
    Porn appeals to anyone with a libido; Moleskine appeals to hipsters with little to say and too much money to say it with.

  8. But Pooklord, most of us are too hopped up on anti-depressants, anxiolytics and Vicodin to have any libido left. Let us enjoy our moleskines in peace.

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