An AT-AT gets tagged, becomes the $1,500 Suckadelic Graff-AT


Living in Berlin, the graffiti capital of the world, I do not wonder at the in-universe plausibility of this graffitied AT-AT toy — the Suckadelic Graff-At — currently being auctioned for $1,500 by Christie's. Street artists can tag anything, up to and including a moving mech war elephant in a galaxy far, far away.

Suckadaelic Graff-At [Christie's]

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  1. Holy overpriced toys, Batman. Further down the page they have an original Kenner Alien listed for $1500-2000.

    I had no idea that Christie’s was essentially eBay for people with more money than sense.

  2. Naah, not taggers, it’s urban cammoflage. What better way to be less visble on one of the hive planets?

  3. My experience has been that “people with more money than sense” is code for “people with more money than me”.

  4. Diorama with troopers shaking their heads while Rebel punks take off snickering (‘yo’) = funny.

    Auction item opening at $1500 = not funny.

  5. Honestly, I think this could have been done a lot better.

    I know, I know, “why don’t you do one then?”, but really.. this could be done beautifully, and as it stands it’s only ok.

    And when you add the price.. ouchy.

  6. Agent, even at that – I’m putting forth this could have been done more authentically.
    I’m pretty well acquainted with graf styles, and this doesn’t do it in my opinion.

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