Binaural blue stereo mic with human ears


The boys at Engadget seem skeeved out by the Otokinoki Binaural Mic... a blue anthropomorphic microphone with a rubbery simulacrum of an elderly man's massive, troll-likes ears mounted to the side, aimed at allowing you to record sound after the same fashion in which humans hear it. I can understand the creep factor, but I love it anyway: I think it would fashion admirably as a Mr. Potatohead for the top of your camcorder. On the other hand, the mic costs $3,900, which is absurd... for that sort of money, I'd rather buy a camcorder with a giant, squishy eyeball at the end.

Binaural Recording Mic from Otokinoko [Kilian Nakamura via Engadget]

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