Fancy fly swatter probes the very nature of insect consciousness


Don't buy this Rosendahl-designed "Fly Swatter". It's $92. If you can afford that you can afford to hire a whole dojo of karate champions to pluck flies from the air with chopsticks* or fill every room of your house with geckos. It is pretty, I'll grant you.

But here's my question: Apartment Therapy called this a "fly stunner," somehow divining that the long bristles would merely knock a fly unconscious, making disposal free of bug guts and perhaps more ethical. But can you knock a bug out? Aren't bugs basically little goop-and-chitin robots? Can you stun something that is almost solid state? If threatened, could I cold-cock a robot? These are important questions — the type only an designer-reduced horsetail can prompt.

Catalog Page [ via Apartment Therapy]

* I once did this as a child. My finest hour. No one believes me, but my grandmother saw it.

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