"i" before "me" except after WWDC


Adam Lisagor on the significance of Apple's new "MobileMe" branding:

I offer evidence only in my strictly unacademic impressions of the differences between ‘I’ and ‘me’.  For instance, ‘I’ implies activity, a doing and a being of something.  Ideologically, this meshes well with Apple’s provenance as the tool of the artist and its aim to imbue the user with the identity of Unique Creator of Digital Artifact, of curator and distributor and master of his or her digital hub.  In this model, I am the center of my digital lifestyle, from which springs endless evidence of my unique and lovable existence and expendable income.


Signs do, however, point clearly to Apple steering away from consumer as creator of data and toward consumer as data itself.  I no longer create the data I sync, the data is me and it syncs on its own.

I can only hope this presages a new piratical prefix, provoking endless giggling exclamations of "Arr, me'Phone!"

For those who might have wondered, the brand "iMobile" is already taken by a company that makes in-dash PCs for cars.

Why me? [LonelySandwich.com]

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2 Responses to "i" before "me" except after WWDC

  1. technogeek says:

    The problem I have with “mobile me” is that it sounds entirely too much like Windows ME… and both sound like an indecent suggestion.

  2. w000t says:

    I think it sounds entirely too much like a cocky frat boy asking for a cell phone: “Yo! Mobile me, bro.”

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