Icon, the folding Light Sport Aircraft


I was ready to love the Icon foldable airplane — I still want to give Davin Coburn a stiff uppercut for pitching a learn-to-fly-in-a-week story to PopMech before I did — but the promotional material surrounding the little two-seater Light Sport Aircraft is revolting and trite. (See the launch party video below, if you can stomach the generic thumping techno and the visual reek of Los Angeles.)

That's not to say I don't still want one. The little plane can do 138 MPH when its rear-facing, reciprocating engine is going full bore. It can even be kitted out with gear for water landings, which has already fueled a few daydreams where I fly to a remote atoll and do some scuba diving, grab a quick snack, and then putter back to my island cabana.

Estimated price starts at $140k with standard equipment. A $5k deposit will secure your place in line when Icon starts delivering aircraft in 2010.

Product Page [IconAircraft.com]

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