Korg 'nano' laptop MIDI controls 'incredibly small, light, and flimsy'


Tom Whitwell dabbled with the new Korg Nano USB MIDI controllers at a recent music trade show.

They are incredibly small, light and flimsy. Fortunately, they're also absurdly cheap. Even at just £49, the NanoKey is certainly the lamest - obviously built using clicky, rattly laptop keyboard technology. From the way it feels, it seems unlikely to have much velocity sensitivity. You might be better off with something like this £50 Miditech Control 25, unless you're really stuck for space. At £59, the NanoPad is worth considering. The pads are a reasonable size, and the touchpad (from the PadKontrol) will be fun. The £59

NanoKontrol looks great, with a good number of knobs, buttons and sliders, useful (if rubbery) transport controls.
It's hard to overstate how cheap and plasticky these things are. The faders are tiny and toy-like, the cases would need to be taped down to stop them moving across the table.

Cheap and flimsy isn't a bad thing, necessarily, especially when it ups the knobs-per-surface quotient in your life. If nothing else they'll make great fodder for hacking control interfaces.

Korg nanoKEY, nanoKONTROL, nanoPAD: Tiny, cute and crazy cheap [Music Thing]

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