Solar-powered Theremin in an Altoids tin

There comes a day in every gadget-fiend's life where he or she realizes that they do not own a solar-powered theremin. Remediation of this lack involves the 1381 Solar Engine, a custom-made PCB, and the supplied full-color instructions. Oh, and an Altoids tin.

The result is the perfectly irritating Heliophone, which sounds like a bee whose wingbeats-per-second rate is under the tight control of a neurotransmitter drip.

Product Page [Clockwork Robot via Make]

Published by Rob Beschizza

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  1. This would be a lot cooler if it sounded anything like a Theremin, instead of a Vespa. The only thing that should sound like a Vespa is a Vespa. Also, it doesn’t really appear to work like a Theremin – he shouldn’t really be touching it, but moving around outside it. Looks nice, though!

  2. @2 … to play a theremin, you do not touch it … you only bring your hands/fingers close to it.

  3. so, as part of my stage act I could build a theremin into a dressmaker’s dummy and play it by air-humping it?

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