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  1. Wonderful post, Joel. I’m amazed BB doesn’t cover this fight for freedom more often.

  2. The freedom part is more the Mother Boing’s bag, but I try to cover the tech side of it when it’s interesting!

  3. Looks like they covered all the bases.

    Heh… not that I would know anything about this sort of thing…

  4. Could this setup be used for growing beneficial plants that produce ingredients for life-saving medications? Does anyone care?

  5. #4 Evil Jim, THC may not save lives per se, but it sure can dramatically improve the quality of life for those with, say, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis.

    So… yes, I’d say so.

    (sources: the usual suspects)

  6. @#4 Evil Jim.

    This system could be used to grow all sorts of things with the right nutrients. I have successfully grown Tomatoes, Chilis, some herbs and Cacti on a similar system. I don’t think there are many “life saving” medications which require ingredients you can grow at home though.

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