Eight megapixel geo-tagging Cyber-shot tops out Sony Ericsson's new batch


The C905 Cyber-shot claims a "complete digital camera experience" on a phone, with the style and responsiveness of the real thing. Picture quality? Sony Ericsson says it's "outstanding."

A 2GB memory stick is included on the phone, which has GPS geo-tagging and can send photos over Wifi, or display them using the bundled TV-out cable. This GSM/EDGE/HSDPA device will be offered in Q4, in black, silver and gold.


The S302 Snapshot s a less capable affair, with only a 2 megapixel camera and 20 MB of internal memory. There's no free memory stick, but it can upload its photos over bluetooth and has basic photo-editing tools built-in. It will be available in the fourth quarter, in gray and this delightful shade of blue.

No prices yet.
Press Release [Sony Ericsson]

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  1. Everyone realizes you can make great 4×6’s, good 6×8’s and even pretty decent 8×10’s from a measly 2 or 3 megapixels, right?

    Dear Sony: Please focus on high-iso capabilities.

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