Upcoming LEGO Star Wars Death Star is brimming with minifigs


There's a new LEGO Death Star coming down the pike. Unlike the big Death Star II model before, this one is more about recreating famous scenes in diorama. That's why you'll be getting at least 21 minifigures with the set, including three separate Luke figures. (And probably more, as it looks like there are multiple Stormtroopers, at least.) I'm mostly into Star Wars LEGO sets for the pieces, but if the price is right — it's a set leak, so no official announcement — I might have to go for it.


From the hip I'd guess this is about a $150 set.

Lego Death Star 10188 - Pics at last!, It's here and it's freakin' massive [Eurobricks.com via Brothers Brick]

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  1. My guess is they’ll avoid those turbo lasers.

    It’s incredible, but I’d have no place to display the thing when I was finished, let alone the logistics of construction!

    -not to mention all the good contractors got blown up in the first two.
    Who’s left? “Barry’s Blowout Battle-stations?”
    The guy’s a HACK!

  2. Wow. The MSE droid is huge when compared to the scale of the other characters. Then again, had they done it to actual scale in relation to your standard Lego minifig, you would have needed tweezers for it.

  3. Considering the current Death Star II kit is 3417pcs and costs $270; if this is 10188pcs there is no way this is going to be $150. Especially with that many minifigs(the most expensive piece to produce). I’d guess closer to $400-$500.

  4. Never mind, I’m an idiot. 10188 is the kit number not the pieces count.

    I’ll still be surprised (pleasantly so) if it comes in at $150 with as many figs as it has.

  5. Does the Death Star have an outer hull? Or is the back half sufficiently Death Starish? I like the set, but it’s not very Death Stary on the outside.

    I’m gonna go make up more adjectives that incorporate “Death Star” now.

  6. But $400? Sheesh.

    Joel, Joel, Joel… It’s like you haven’t bought Lego Star Wars sets since the early ’90s…

    They overcharge for those things big time, but the figs are soooooooo cuuuuuuute 😛

  7. Yeah, I’m thinking $300-400 on this one, maybe high $200’s if we are lucky.

    I thought I had kicked my LEGO binging problem, but this set might just bring it back.

  8. Guess I’m saving up. I’m already several sets behind as it is.

    A black astro and protocol droid, that’s cool right there.

  9. please please can i have 1 for my birthday it past june 5th please atleast $100 please and thank you.

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