Philips introduces new Shuffle-sized MP3 players with built-in display


Philips has just introduced its new line of Shuffle-sized MP3 players and I rather like them. With names like the SA2845, the SA2825, the SA2840 and the SA2820, the branding is execrable — the usual sluicing of random alphanumeric characters through the corporate drainage shunt. But they come with 2GB-4GB worth of storage, have FM-radio flavors and, better yet. an embedded screen. They are about the size of an iPod Shuffle width wise, just not quite as thin... still an absolutely fine size for a clip-on sports MP3 player. And the interface is pure drag-and-drop: a big boon to those who don't like to use audio file managers on their computers.

I'm tempted. I've just taken up jogging, and I just picked myself up a Shuffle because my 160Gb iPod was simply too bulky (and potentially gender-neutering) to have clogging around my thin running shorts' pockets during a run. It's fine for the purpose, but the lack of a display already annoys me when I try to find my place in audio books, and I even find it a bit irritating when I try to listen to previously unheard albums, since I can't look down and memorize the title and track number of a song I like. With prices starting around $44.99, though, I might pick up one of these Philips and convert my Shuffle into a keychain.

Philips [Official Site]

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