World's *est: Project Genesis Oasis-class cruise liner


Sure to cause waves to lap on the world's shores when she's launched next year, Royal Caribbean's "Project Genesis" cruise liner will be the world's largest. Her stats are appropriately titanic:

Cost: $1.24 billion dollars.

Bigger Than: 43 percent larger than the Queen Elizabeth II, the world's previous largest ship. She's 1,180 feet long with a gross tonnage of 220,000, uh, tons.

Its Own Park: In the middle of the ship is "Central Park," a public garden that's as big as a football field.

Its Own Amphitheater: The "AquaTheater" at the stern is the "first amphitheater at sea." Note the rock-climbing walls around the edges.

Its Own Tattoo Parlour/Psychic: It goes without saying: intestinal scarring shouldn't be the only permanent souvenir your bring home from your cruise.

Plague Opportunities: Standard berthing supports 5,400 passengers, or 6,400 under Sardine Conditions.

Sister Forthcoming: A second "Oasis Class" ship will be delivered by the Aker Yards in August, 2010.

I'd rather sequester myself on a dinghy with a case of rum and a rotting seal carcass than go on a cruise, but I understand lots of people like to travel to the world's most beautiful locations and view them from the confines of a floating strip mall.

The world’s largest and most expensive ship [Gizmag]
Official Site []
Oasis Class [Wikipedia]

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  1. That’s almost a quarter mile long. Unbelievable.

    And yes, while I can really respect the engineering here, I really don’t like the idea of a cruise.

  2. Yeah, I find the engineering fascinating but towards such an unappealing purpose. I don’t think I’ll be into floating cruise ships until they are big enough to support their own eco-systems, a la Ian M. Banks “Culture” novels.

  3. Obligatory mention: David Foster Wallace’s hilarious essay about taking a Caribbean cruise, “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.”

  4. Plague opportunity, no kidding. Few years ago I went on a cruise on one of their ships with a group of 40 family members. MOST of them came down with Norovirus. They were nice enough to offer us $50 off our next cruise if taken in six months as an apology …

  5. I forgot to mention that I love your description of a cruise ship as a “floating strip mall.” Very accurate.

  6. a tattoo parlor on a boat? this is a bad idea on so many levels.

    i’d pay like $5 for a tour of one of these boats but i wouldn’t want to cruise on one.

  7. I don’t mind cruises, but the reason I go is for the boat, not so much the destination. They’re more like floating resorts, these days. Going alone would be a trial, but when you go with someone you know, or a group, it’s actually a lot of fun.

  8. I hope it also has the world’s largest swimming pool which harbors the world’s smallest cruise ship. take a cruise while you’re on a cruise.

  9. Launched next year? Why haven’t I seen it in any shipyard? Renderings are not going to cut it. Some of the thumbnails look like shipyard shots, but I can’t get the full size image (all missing).

    I shall become the worlds greatest pirate; hijacking this ship and transforming it into the worlds first floating city of piratical chaos.

  10. Amen to the non-cruising sentiment. About the last thing I want in a vacation is to be trapped on a ship with a bunch of other people I may/may not like. I’m also not real interested in having somebody tell me what table I’ll be sitting at for dinner or choosing between the shipboard equivalent of Golden Corral or Outback Steak house.

    I’ve watched cruise ships come in to ports and disgorge thousands of tourists, all of whom have just enough time to buy some cheap crap or take a crummy bus tour…then they all have to be back onboard so the ship can move on to the next destination and do it all over again.


    The only thing worse is all-inclusive resorts, which are basically cruise ships that don’t go anywhere.

    Thanks, but I’ll pick a destination, find a hotel and rent a car. Maybe when I’m 90 I’ll change my mind, but I don’t think so.

  11. Jesus God, just keep this thing out of Puget Sound. We get plenty of obese Indianans as it is, and our ecosystem can’t handle the amount of sewage we get already, let alone the oceans of stuff these will dump.

  12. Since this boat is here on BBG, does that make it the Worlds Largest Gadget?

    Cruising can be great, depends on what kind of trip you go on. I’ve been on two and they were both centered around chasing a solar eclipse. So both times the majority of the passengers were fellow astronomy and science geeks. Of the two trips, I enjoyed the first one more because of the smaller ship size (500 passengers vs 1500), it felt like much more of an adventure. The huge, newer ships don’t appeal to me at all. “Floating strip mall” about covers it as far as I’m concerned.

    I agree with #7, I’d love to take a tour, but I’d never want to sail on this monstrosity.

  13. About the last thing I want in a vacation is to be trapped on a ship with a bunch of other people I may/may not like.

    Back in the 80s, I made a last minute decision to go on a bus tour in the UK. It was one of those ‘buy now – fly in two days’ things. When I was sitting in the airport, I kept thinking about how I had just signed on for the most tedious, bourgeois vacation imaginable. When I got on the bus, my bus mates included a Gypsy (actual Roma, with shawls and bangles), lesbian judges, indie filmmakers, a sci-fi/fantasy writer and a mysterious woman who used to hang out with Beckett and Ioneso. If the travel itinerary is interesting, it will probably draw interesting travelers, even on a cruise ship.

    1. you make me sad

      With a pseudonym like that, I imagine that your tears are almost…numberless.

  14. I predict…you will regret getting the Chinese symbol for “penis” carved into your skin.

  15. My wife and I just bought tickets for an Alaska cruise for my parents and ourselves because it is what my dad wanted to do for his seventieth birthday. He is not in the best of health so this at leasts gets him out and will make him incredibly happy. But (just venting here) being an avid backpacker and lover of the Pacific North West, I have to say that sitting on a boat watching all that wonderful scenery going by and not being able to go walk around it as much as I would like…well…this summer is going to be bit torturous for me. They do offer some pretty enticing side trips (for extra dough) like sea kayaking and day hikes so I am going to enjoy it no matter what.

    And since we bought the tickets, I told my mother she has to pick up the booze tab. Considering that the booze is not cheap on those boats and they don’t allow you bring your own, man, is she in for it.

    For all it’s worth though, I agree with your sentiment, Joel.

  16. They are obviously preparing for when the polar ice caps melt and the vast, vast majority of the world is covered in water.

  17. My husband and I took a cruise on Holland America last year, to Alaska. It was amazing – we had an opportunity to see the Inside Passage before it melts. Juneau was so beautiful, as were the other stops. There were several opportunities for excursions had we the cash to take advantage of them.

    As for a ‘floating plague palace’? Not so much – there was a ton of information about what to do if you felt ill, and there were automated hand sanitizer dispensers EVERYWHERE. I didn’t hear of a single instance of anyone getting sick.

  18. I too loathed the idea of being stuck at sea with a couple of thousand people I probably (I can say probably because I didn’t want to “cruise” and they did) didn’t like.


    A couple of years ago my husaband and I went with 23 other members of his family on a cruise to Alaska. Would I do it again, no way. But it was really neat to be able to see parts of the Alaskan coast only viewable by sea. Glacier Bay was worth it alone.

    And Paddysat, the sea-kayaking was amazing, we saw orkas and eagles and more. Well worth the extra cash.

    The food in the main dining room was great but anywhere else was like eating at a cafeteria style restaurant. Bring your own coffe and maker if you’re a connesiour.

    Cruising in general~ blech.
    Cruising to Alaska was worth the agony of telling everyone we were going on a cruise.

  19. Where do I sign up for the case of Rum and rotting seal carcass trip? That sounds like my sort of holiday.

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