Cellranger, USB-powered signal booster

cellranger.jpgCellranger, a $150 USB-powered dongle which improves reception for cellphones and 3G modems, is now available. Also offered in a 12V cigarette-lighter edition, it has about 6ft of effective range and can be hooked up to standard cellphone and unidirectional antennas.

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  1. $150 for a powered antenna makes me suspicious.

    Contrary to the writeup, from the product page, this does not appear to actually “hook up” to the cell phone itself, which would be extremely difficult with the range of cell phones available, very few of which have an interface for an external antenna. This is a repeater, which amplifies and rebroadcasts signals coming from the tower (not the signals you send from your phone). These already exist, but this one has special microprocessors and magic powers that make it better. That’s why it costs $150.

  2. What better way to complement magical processors than by sprinkling a little pixie dust on their press quotes too?

    Who can blame Cell Ranger’s marketing wizards for feeling that the New York Times’ phrase “Useful in areas where signals are too weak…” was rendered overly equivocal when preceded by “it could be” as was the case in its original incarnation?

    Then there’s the deft spinning of MobileBurn’s coverage. To lesser minds, an announcement of an up-coming product based entirely on a press release by the manufacturer of the product in question, might not be an obvious source of review quotes, but the wizards at Cell Ranger nevertheless managed to cull from it the ringing endorsement “…can also be used by multiple handsets at the same time…”. If this banal declaration of specs sounds suspiciously like the kind of phrase you’d expect to find in a product launch press release from, say, Cell Ranger, you’d be wholly mistaken, as is demonstrated by CrunchGear’s coverage, which blockquotes an excerpt from Cell Ranger’s press release containing the radically different phrase “…can also be used by multiple handsets simultaneously…”.

    Still, at least there’s that glowing CrunchGear quote: “They markedly improve most “dead zone” situations and even speed up EDGE…”. Anyone would be proud of a quote like that about their product, so why spoil things by letting folks know that the “they” in question refers to all the other competing products that have actually been tried by CrunchGear?

  3. Tubman, you’re absolutely right about our quotes. We just launched our site, and those quotes were selected by our web designers as filler text. In launching the site we didn’t take time to check them. The quotes have now been removed, pending more indepth reviews of our products by others.

    Hemidmisequaver – you’re absolutely right, our products are repeaters. But you’ll notice that compared to existing products on the market, ours are very competitively priced. At $149, our MSRP is lower than any comparable products.

  4. My housemate bought a hard drive from Currys a little while back. I took the little security RFID thingimajig, tore off the chip, and stuck the remainder of the arial to the back of my phone. Worked a treat, and cost precisely bugger-all.

  5. Getcellranger, I appreciate the response. It’s very nice to see companies respond to criticism on blogs. I have no need for your product, but kudos nonetheless.

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