Students build enclosed electric motorcycle


Enclosed scooters are something of a conundrum. They add a surprising degree of protection: as Autoblog Green writes, BMW's C1 produced unexpectedly good crash test results. The problem is that they look so bad that no-one would ever dream of buying one. This fine tradition of design impossibility continues with the Saint Thomas EV, an electric bike powered by a 60v lithium phosphate battery.

The current configuration is said to be good for a top speed of sixty miles per hour and a range of forty miles. The chassis is constructed from chromoly tubing. The body is made from a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite and should therefore prove very strong. The full seat even features a seatbelt. We are not certain that anything quite like this will ever be available for purchase again, but its good to see it in concept form at least.

For those readers lacking the faculty of sight, let me describe it for you: it looks like someone took a giant partially-melted plastic tick and upended it atop a motorcycle, then laser-cut the interior from its tumescent, lime-green carapace. Do I want one? Yes.

High School students build enclosed electric motorcycle [Autoblog Green]

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