Camo satellite dishes kinda sorta blend into environment


Ugly satellite dishes may be obscured by laminating photographs of their backdrops onto their surfaces. But their owners' poor taste is ineluctable.

"Sqish" is the product's name, and they're available only to Sky and Freesat users in the UK. The dish itself is about $300. Stickers are $50, and they're available to those stupid enough to pay $50 for a sticker. "It was only a matter of time," says Technabob.

They're pitching it with perfectly-shot and color-balanced examples, but let's get real. This innovation dooms us to council estates bedecked with peeling, faded and misaligned dishes completely incongruous with their backgrounds, lacking even the invisible uniformity of a plain dish's industrial design. The saving throw: Goatsedish is but an upload away.

Product Page [via DailyMail]

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  1. It reminds me of those hideous sheets of plastic that people try using to disguise their wheelie bins. They start off printed with leaf patterns or long grass and flowers, and inevitably end up grimy, sun-bleached and flaking.

    That said, I would use this if I could come up with a convincing image of green Death-Star style death rays starting to emanate from the dish.

  2. It doesn’t /just/ hide your dish, it /replaces/ your dish with a compact rectangular box, which happens to have a smaller surface area than the original dish.

    All well and good, until you have to hire a mechanical engineer to align the dish, and gods help you if there’s ever a breeze, or a plane flyover.

    The superior solution, of course, is to build a radome for your dish, disguising it as a lamp.

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