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It is perhaps no secret that Joel, Rob and I all carry within our bloated, bile-filled bellies the absorbed fetuses of our doppelgangers, all of whom — in another universe, perhaps — could have been hired to run the entirely theoretical Boing Boing Games. Unfortunately, we were born instead, but we still hear something burbling seductively in our guts... our deformed gaming brother Belials, singing embryonic siren songs, lulling us into the sweet cel-shaded oblivion of just one more round of Team Fortress 2.

We want you to help us C-Section ourselves, bringing our stinking, mewling gamer twins to the light. We want you to play video games with us. Shooters. Role-playing games. Turn-based strategy. Real-time strategy. MMORPGS. SHMUPs. Team-based tactical. Adventures. Simulations. LARPs. Board games. Fighters. Pinball. Stealth. Survival horror. Text adventures. 4X. Tower Defense. Music games. What have you!

Here's how to play with us:

Steam: Join the Boing Boing Steam Group to play any Steam-supported game with us (or other Boing Boing readers).

Xbox Live: Of the BBG editors, Joel's the only one with a functional Live account. His Xbox Live ID is Joelev. Rob and I murmur uncomfortably and promise to get our accounts reinstated soon. Drop your Xbox Live handle in the comments and we'll update this list with other Boing Boing readers.

Reader XBL GamerTags: o DUNCAN o, twoborgz, McSway, Jennatar, ApeData, reesocles, ridestowe1

That's it for now. It's a start. But we want to hear from you. What we want to know is this: what games would you like to play with us? What other useful community information can we put here? We're amenable to nearly anything. Suggest it in this thread and, if we can, we'll give it a try. If it's a success, it'll be added to this canonical gaming post.

If the Mother Boing asks,interacting with our readers is part of our jobs. Help us slack off just a little while longer, for fun and profit. Tell us what games you want to play with us in the comments.

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  1. My Live username is twoborgz. I’d be into playing some TF2 via Live at some point – pending I pick up Orange Box.

  2. I have Super Smash Bros. Brawl but my friend list is full from another messageboard.

    Ooh, I do have Pokรƒยฉmon! And Picross! And Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales.

    I do have TF2 on the PC as well, but the scroll wheel on my mouse stopped functioning and the game barely runs. It’s playable, but just to give an example, I don’t have the luxury of seeing the medic’s particle stream while healing.

  3. I’d say TF2 is pretty much the go-to game for direct Steam interaction, but Call of Duty 4 gets pretty interesting on 50 player servers. Consider CoD4.

  4. My Gamertag is McSway. Let me know when they release Tribes for the 360. I was one of the few that actually volunteered for turret duty in that game.

  5. It’s just Jennatar on Live, but I have to update my credit card information with Live, pay Comcast, the whole ugly mess. I actually recommend cooperative play with Crackdown. There is a downloadable harpoon gun.

  6. I gave up the frustrations of PC gaming awhile ago, but (buy a game and then wait an hour to install it? No Thanks) but I have I play on XBL. I also have TF2 for the 360, but completely understand that if you have the PC version you’re better off.

    Anyway, I have exactly 99 friends on my XBL account, I’ll throw a FR to Joel tonight (with an explanation of where it came from). I will also be exerting my will with an iron fist in Battlefield:Bad Company tonight as soon as I pick up my copy in two hours and 25 minutes.

  7. P.S. Also, Steam is good for downloading Defcon, from the makers of Uplink, Darwinia, and the upcoming “Multiwinia” for 360. Defcon is like the last scene in War Games and you get to blow people up, albeit abstractly.

  8. Star Control 2 wants its enigmatic aliens back.

    On-topic, I bought TF2 last Friday and joined the Boing^2 group. But I thought you had a server, too?

  9. Live Username : ApeData.

    Actually just signed on to Live nary a month ago, so I’d appreciate game suggestions, esp. Live-friendly ones.

  10. What ever happened to BoingBoing on in regards to this post: Beta passes for Legions on Instant Action for 50 BBG readers. It seemed like a great idea, but then apparently nobody got any beta passes (myself included) and the whole thing vanished like a fart in the wind.

    Otherwise, I mostly play Call of Duty: United Offensive online. If anyone has any suggestions for good online race car games, that people actually play online, I’m all ears!!

  11. XBOXLIVE: Johnny Hundo

    with the space… Although I’m about ready to embark on a months long journey into MGS4… My first legitimate foray into the MGS space…

  12. hey, i read all the time but barely ever comment because the verify system gets wonkified at work. anyways, im Markoff Chaney on xbl and while im currently offline, i do get many a round of crack of duty in. among other things. ill throw a friendy at joel whenever i am on next. if i can remember for the life of me. we should organize a sweettits CoD/GTAIV/TF2/whatever tournament night. i would be in like flynn.

  13. I say SC2 Melee, or MAME games (I have a few). There is a way to play MAME over the net, isn’t there? (I think it’s called Kaillara (sp))

    Super Puzzle Fighter!

  14. Gamertag: krylonultraflat

    Although true to form for a geek, i’ve been spending too much time rewiring a vintage analog synth to play much CoD4.

  15. Live gamer tag is Gelen Xellos. I’ve got thye big 3 consoles and the DS/PSP, and I mostly play RPGs. I would like to try out TF2, though.

  16. KurtMac: TrackMania is a racing game that lots of people play online. Unfortunately you can’t crash into each other and such, but you certainly can compete with each other.

  17. Yea! I would love to play some TF2 with you guys!
    I get to show of my awesome pyro skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Gamertag: mmmkile

  18. So…
    If you guys REALLY have gamer monsters inside you, you’d play WoW. Or, at least, have played it for a while and then come to your senses and wrenched your life back from the cold, sticky hands of Mr. Blizzard himself.

    If you do play, I’d be interested to know what server(s) you play on. You’re all clearly super cool and if I were to bask in the warm glow of your presence perhaps I, too, could be super cool.

  19. I play TF2 and CoD4 on XBox Live (tag: Isau). If any of you out there have a PS3, you can find me as isauteikisa.

    Related note: TrackMania rocks.

  20. I play Halo 3, Shadowrun, and a couple others as well as most of the good arcade games.
    My tag is Jacher.

  21. Tag is bliprunner, getting my box back any day now. Not broken, being shipped to Tel Aviv…

  22. My Xbox Live Gamertag is Wrestlevania.

    I’m playing GTA IV and CoD 4 mostly at the moment, but also Test Drive Unlimited occassionally.

    I’ll planning to get Rainbow Six Vegas 2 sometime in the next few days too, so co-op campaign with some fellow Boingers would be ace.

  23. Gamertag: esea

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Tetris Splash
    Rock Band
    GTA IV
    The Orange Box
    Halo 3
    Burnout (Revenge & Rising)

    Yay for Joel! Anyone can add me if you have room for more friends. Rob & John, the future is leaving you behind… shame on you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Oops, I meant to say Burnout Revenge & Paradise…

    Currently Dead Rising is in my 360. So yeah, I like zombies.

  25. Live Tag: Discobox

    Games (far too many I’ve been told!) :=

    Orange Box
    Gta 4 (a bit over it mind you)
    Burnout Paradise
    Assault Heroes
    Speedball 2
    Virtua Tennis 3
    Virtua Fighter 5
    and more….

    Yayh boing boing gadgets!

  26. I hope this isn’t a silly suggestion… but I think is really fun (for any silly readers who have tablets and enjoy games like Pictionary).

  27. BoingBoing *CAMPERS* come together for *PARTIES*! There will be much *DANCING* of *BUBBLES* at *PARTIES*! Much better than *FRUMPLE* *OTHER PLACE*. Let us be *SQUISHY* together!

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