GE Caulk Singles


Forgive any exuberance about a single-serving product, but these "Caulk Singles" from GE could be very handy for small touch-up home improvements. And considering that most of the time I use caulk I end up using just a little bit of a tube before letting it set on a shelf to harden forever, there may not actually be all that much additional waste.

Each single costs about three dollars for 1.25 ounces of goop, so it's far from the least expensive way to purchase the material. There are three varieties: a clear, waterproof; a white, paintable; and a white, waterproof caulk.

Catalog Page [ via Uncrate]

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  1. funny and immature puns aside, that packaging makes it look deliciously refreshing. Like Go-gurt. Caulk on the go!

  2. So then 1.25 oz of caulk at $3.00 is less expensive. than 10 oz of caulk at $6.50? Is that math in cyberspace. It will be if you only use the 1.25 oz & leave the rest of the caulk to harden, but otherwise it is about 4x as expensive. Run out & need to buy another & you’ve almost paid for a full 10oz tube. The worst part of this will be the folks who use silicone where they will need to paint, & 100% silicone isn’t paintable.

  3. Er, @7 Haroun: “Far from the least expensive” does not mean less expensive. It means “far from” less expensive.

    And the post mentions that it comes in both waterproof AND paintable versions.

  4. A 10oz tube of siliconized acrylic caulk costs $2.24 at the local Home Depot. And it’s usable to make a good bead; this pouch thing would make a wad of ugly goo instead of a smooth bead. (Coming from a master caulk handler. I’m really good at it.)

  5. I’m trying to think of any time anyone might use just a little caulk. I can’t think of any.

  6. I was expecting a 7″ disc made of caulk with an analog sound recording engraved in a spiral groove… I am dissapointed.

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