Infinium Labs finally releases the Phantom Lapboard


After six years of highly-entertaining internet drama, Phantom Entertainment (nee Infinium Labs) have finally released their first product: the Phantom Lapboard. Back in the halcyon days of gadget gossip, the Lapboard was to be the controller-of-choice for the mythical Phantom Console... a console which, as everyone knows, was ultimately proven as vaporous as an ectoplasmic bottom blast. Regardless, a Bronx Cheer for Phantom Entertainment for finally getting their Lapboard to market. You sure did hang in there, kitty.

A swiveling keyboard with a bottom tray for using a wireless mouse, Maximum PC reviewed the Lapboard in April, and said the keyboard was a little bit of alright, but the mouse was decidedly wimpy. At $129, then, this is probably a product for game historians only.

Phantom Lapboard [Official Site]

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  1. The company that was going to, like, totally reinvent gaming has given us… the inclined plane. Whoa.

  2. it’s nee. nee = born, started as. In other words, the short version of saying formerly known as in context to this company. <--- a lot quicker to say 'nee'

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