The Toast Cannon: the highest popping toaster in the world

Advertising itself as the world's highest popping toaster, Freddie Yauner's Toast Cannon — which utilizes a high-pressure CO2 system and a mechanical ram to fire burnt bread into the stratosphere — is powerful enough to smash a piece of wheat through the hard cartilage and veiny, wrinkled sponge of your palate, then splatter against the ceiling, already covered in a tasty layer of what appears to be strawberry jam.

Freddie's going for the world toaster record today. Good luck, champ!

The Highest Popping Toaster in the World [Freddie Yauner via Core77]

Update: Digital Lifestyles has video — including slo-mo — of the world record attempt. []

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  1. i know what i want for breakfast!

    …except i can’t laugh at my toaster. it’s boring.


  2. Nice, nice – but where’s the targeting system?

    Variable-scale ammo results would be an attractive feature –
    Toast = Dimpled Ceiling.
    Croissant = Minor Stipling.
    Bagel = Plaster and Lathing.
    Something along those lines….

  3. Thoroughly dried-out bagels make great ammo. They powder when they hit.

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