Exclusive: One-of-a-kind official Blade Runner "Spinner" car from LEGO


Today BBtv and I headed to the house of artist, designer, and futurist Syd Mead, who graciously let us sit around for a couple of hours and talk about, gosh, everything. It was without a doubt one of the most fantastic days of my life, bouncing ideas and picking the brain about car design, utopianism, and Hollywood. We shot enough video we could cut multiple BBtv episodes (and maybe we will!) but I thought I'd give you guys a little something to tide you over.

So here you go: A one-of-a-kind official LEGO version of Mead's "Spinner" flying car from Blade Runner, presented to Syd by LEGO when he attended a design summit in Billund. Syd let me pick it up and swoop it around my head like a child.

I have the best job ever.

Thanks again to Xeni, Dana, and Derek (Team BBtv!) for setting up the whole thing. I owe you big.

Two more pictures after the jump.

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