NOAH concept monocycle: Segway meets Tron


The head-on collision between a Segway and a monocycle in the brain of one Brazilian designer results in the NOAH concept vehicle, a slick-as-shit, Tron-esque cycle for the future. Marrying a top-mounted seat with a traditional monocycle would quickly lead to a glistening smear of spinal fluid trailing slug-like down the freeway, but the NOAH is not a real monocycle — it has two closely mounted wheels, which act as stabilizers in turns. Speed, braking and turning is controlled Segway-style through pitching, leaning and shifting.

I always feel rather apologetic about posting concepts, since they are usually wishful thinking based upon Foundation-era technology and fueled by pixy magic, but I really like this one. The world could use a Segway aimed at an audience more speed-thirsty than the local mailman, a flabby rent-a-cop and The Woz.

Update: Reader SD reminds us in the comments that, while not the same bike, there's already basically a working prototype of this concept in the Uno.

The Noah personal riding wheel [DVICE]

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  1. that’ll be fun when i press the brakes and it smashes my face into the tarmac.

  2. that’ll be fun when i press the brakes and it smashes my face into the tarmac.

    Or even better when the central hub seizes up and smashes your face into the ground for you.

  3. Yeah I saw that one, apparently it comes with instructions on how to roll off a malfunctioning cycle.

  4. The questions hinted at are really asking: “how does it fail?” What happens when you run out of gas (or the battery starts getting low)? How fast can you stop by just leaning backwards? What if the computer crashes?

    My two-wheeled motorcycle doesn’t need a battery or gas to cruse on inertia, or to brake…

    I’d rather see good electric motor(bi)cycle being developed than these futuristic motor(uni)cycle that rely on a computer to stay balanced…

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