Angus MacLane's LEGO Wall-E is nice...probably because he helped animate it


The Brothers Brick interview Angus MacLane, LEGO builder and animator at Pixar:

TBB: Has your LEGO hobby helped your “real” job in any way?

Angus: LEGO gets you used to thinking and designing in three dimensions. It has really helped my ability to visualize spatial relations. This is especially useful when working with artists and technical directors to take 2D designs and successfully turn them into 3D character models.

Also, when building with LEGO you often have to simplify or caricature the intended form. This is similar to caricaturing motion and simplifying acting ideas, which is an important part of the animation process.

Pixar animator Angus MacLane builds best LEGO Wall-E yet [Interview] []

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