AT&T email says iPhone 3G will have MMS


A new leak from within the heart of AT&T contains a surprising revelation about a hereto unknown feature of the iPhone 3G... a feature so incredible and jaw-dropping that several notable technology experts are already describing it as "impossible" and "like magic."

According to the leaked internal email, AT&T says that the iPhone 3G will be able to take text messages — ordinary, dull-as-dishwater text messages, the snail mail or the cellular band — and somehow bake into them (attach, if you will) advanced 21st century data streams such as pictures. And audio. And movies.

Frankly, we're skeptical. A technological advance like this would have been front and center at WWDC, along with Steve Jobs' triumphant announcement of their new pocket-sized time-travel capacitor, the iFlux. Instead, we hear nothing, except from industry analysts quaking in their boots, darkly murmuring about some industry-redefining technology that Apple has stumbled upon, which they call — with holy dread — a "multimedia messaging service."

ATT Memo Reveals Forthcoming iPhone 3G MMS Support [iPhone Atlas via Boy Genius Report]

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  1. I’m actually a little on the fence about the 3G iphone. I have a 1st gen iphone that I love, and the speed upgrade and GPS is nice, but other than that it’s actually hard to swallow the upgrade price and the pricier data plan. I already feel like my 100 and something dollar a month phone bill is too much.

    If this is real though, that might change. This is THE feature that was missing from the first iphone.

  2. #1 “This is THE feature that was missing…”

    …besides flash support, removable storage media, user-replaceable battery, tactile keyboard (or at least some keyboard response), the forward slash on the keyboard, the ampersand on the keyboard, a camera with decent picture quality (not necessary just higher megapixel res), video recording capabilities, copy/paste, a year+ wait for 3rd-party applications… there’s some more of THE features that are missing.

    Most of above are basic features on other phones with a similar price/market, and just like with with MMS – as John does a great job of pointing out so perfectly sarcastically – Apple has completely overlooked or ignored these features on the iPhone.

  3. Only the temple of Jobs can bring us such an vicissitude of futuristic alien technology. Hurrah!

    What? My accountant tells me I’ll probably getting an LG Dare so I can use my credits up with Verizon and won’t break myself by reaching the free text message limit on the third day of month like I would with the iPhone. I’m so happy that Verizon’s happy they passed on the iPhone.

  4. @#2 I don’t know what iPhone you’ve used, but I get visual and audio response when typing on the keyboard, and I have a / and a & as well as all the other standard characters, even ñ and ô and é etc.

  5. My guess:

    Steve didn’t mention it at WWDC because, well, what all you guys have been saying. PR couldn’t think of a way to spin it to sound awesome and groundbreaking, so it’ll just be a nice little “oh, about time” addition.

  6. Just out of curiosity why do the screen shots say T-Mobile? Did the insider at AT&T jailbreak their iPhone?

  7. This is obviously a load of garbage. The picture above is obviously from a jailbroken phone with the SwirlyMMS application. If MMS were included in the new firmware (not the 3G iPhone, an MMS solution would be totally hardware independent- meaning that it would appear on the original iPhone as well, since they use the exact same firmware), we would have heard about it by now. Its really pretty sick that we don’t get MMS. Any crap phone can do it. AT&T is just being stupid about it…

  8. your obviously to broke to afford and iphone so why dont you stop hating so much. Name a phone that has all those features u whined about and has a simple easy to use interface like the iphone does? The only thing i would change about my iphone would be the MMS as far as removable battery who cares i dont take mine out. picture quality my 1st gen iphone takes great point and shoot photos. There is a jailbroken program for video. and i got all the keys on my iphone so you obviously havent used one extensively enough to offer a valid opinion

  9. I”m not sure if the original post was meant to be sarcastic, or perhaps the poster was unaware than mms capabilities have been the norm in Europe for some time now. People don’t typically send and receive mobile phone photos in emails, they send and receive photos with text messages. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the iPhone in the US, and in Europe can only be done on an iPhone with service from O2 in the UK with a 3rd party application.

    Rather than being an advance in technology, the iPhone would be catching up to the rest of the world and to other mobile phones in the US. For now, it’s astonishing that the iPhone – which is quite marvelous in every other way – is missing this widely used capability.

    I join many other in hoping for an update from Apple that will allow iPhone users in the US to enjoy the same mms text messaging that’s already possible on many other mobile phones in the US.

  10. so many complaints…if it bothers you that much about no MMS on the iPhone…get a RAZR and a life.

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