Nokia goes Supernova with new handsets


Nokia's 7610 Supernova absorbs a note or two from the iPhone's design tune, without it being in the service of an Instinct-like cloning operation. It's a smartphone with extensive customization options. Unfortunately, I couldn't get through more than a couple of paragraphs of the press release's brain-damaging prose, and therefore cannot report any of its characteristics.

The 7510 model is a little more old fashioned. It has a 2mp camera, a 512 microSD card and will be offered for €180 later this year. Here's the mugshot:


A 7310 model has "daring 3D textured designs" in colors featuring more randomly-prepended exotic nouns than a Sherwin Williams catalog. "Wasabi" green, anyone? It'll be €155 in the second quarter.

Nokia's last new model is the 7210, for €120, whose attributes are best summed up by noting that whereas the 7310 was offered in "candy pink," this one instead comes in "bubble gum pink."

Press releases [Nokia]

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