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  1. I’m going to say that I like this much better than a repainted Nerf Magnum with a cross glued to the top of it.

  2. I’m so freaking sick of the term “steampunk”! Why must anything slightly cool made of brass and wood, old valves, gauges, and leather (optional) be labeled “steampunk”? At this point you might as well label it as “Martinprincepunk” or back a generation “Potsiepunk”. Punk after a word don’t make said word cool. Please BoingBoing, come up something else to push, cuz “steampunk” just ain’t working for me. I’d prefer cheap heroin over the schwag you guys are hustling as “steamjunk”.


    Daily Boing Boing Reader and Admirer

    Willie Lahti

    1. We tried “The brass stuff that Willie thinks is slightly cool” but it didn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily.

  3. So, we don’t like the word ‘Steampunk’. Admittedly, it isn’t very elegant: would you prefer the term ‘Neovictorian’?

    Do, please, come up with a better label; but in the meantime, remember that ‘Steampunk’ is widely-recognised, easy to say, evocative and memorable.

  4. Yeah, I’m sorry Willie, but as passionately as you defend your redefinition you just aren’t going to prevail.
    On a thread the other day, I tried to redefine allohistory as “writers imitating P.K. Dick”; the wealth of links that followed in that thread convinced me that I’ve been belittling and hence overlooking an SF genre that I might instead have been enjoying.
    Give steampunk a chance. This rifle, for example, is clearly a lustworthy object. Appropriately attired (leather duster, extremely complex goggles, steampowered monowheel parked nearby) what a fine accessory!
    A fashion trend I can enjoy – Steampunk, steampunk, steampunk!

  5. jeez willie, this is pretty steampunk for a pretty loosely defined artifact genre. how about Retrovic Scientifish?

    and what it doesn’t have: extraneous gears that don’t do anything or even mesh. and it looks crafted, lovingly, not just glued and sprayed.

    more, please.

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