Unsurprisingly, the Venture Bros. love mid-century modern chairs


The sharp, tasteful eyes at Apartment Therapy have noticed that the world's best cartoon, The Venture Bros., completes their Jet Age sets with authentic mid-century modern chairs, including selections from the Eames, Corbusier, and Bertoia.

When I said I was trying to make my new bedroom look like the suite of a "Danish modern submarine captain", I think what I really was trying to say was "I want to live in the Venture Compound".

By the by, if anyone has any good contacts at Astrobase Go, we'd love to do a BBtv segment on the team behind Team Venture.

"The Venture Brothers" Love Mid-Century Modern Chairs [ApartmentTherapy.com]

PreviouslyiPod parody in new Venture Bros.

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  1. Awesome, I have two of that exact Eames chair but with arms. (The upper right hand pic, blue cloth Aluminum Group with the standard pad.)

    I also have one high-back brown leather and three low back brown leather Comfort Pad chairs from the Aluminum Group. They were expensive (compared to my other furniture). But the leather Aluminum Group lounge chair I have is shabby because I DUG IT OUT OF A DUMPSTER!!! My heart almost stopped when I saw that.

    I also have a couple awesome shell chairs (unusual fabric color, caster base) and a few Corbusier chairs. Unfortunately NONE of my other furniture is as impressive as my chairs. I need to work on getting better couches, tables, etc. My dining set it okay.

    It’s amazing what architects will toss or auction off for cheap when they retire or move.

  2. You do, of course, realize that the Venture Compound was outfitted in the 60s & 70s? That’s why it’s so “retrofuturistic,” because the futurist that decorated it did so in the 60s & 70s… 🙂

    Also, yes, best cartoon evAr… The first episode (of this current 3rd season) left me a little cold, content-wise, but they ramped it back up to the level of quality I expect for these last few.

  3. Will you stop posting stories about fantastic Adult Swim animations. You can’t see them if you live outside the US. These restrictive laws are infuriating and disgusting behavior on the part of your US government overlords and they make the baby jebus cry. Shame on your war on terror, Bush.

  4. oh yeah, get Venture Bros. any way you can, but get it. Usually I can find something to disagree with when I read hyperbole like “the world’s best cartoon” but in this case I don’t really want to argue against it, my heart wouldn’t be in it, Venture Bros. roxxors my boxxors.

  5. Yep, the chairs shown in the right top picture are indeed Herman Miller Eames Chairs, from the 1960s. I too sport one of these in my living room, with the arms, clad in black. These are featured in Taschen’s 1960s book, and were part of an office set (they have a great picture of the whole ensemble).

  6. Phantom Limb to King Gorilla :

    “And like that what was once your penis is now a tasteful Noguchi coffee table by Herman Miller”

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