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In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in bristling, multikilling armaments

Diablo III Announced
Yeah, Blizzard finally did it! See the coverage and the trailer!

Exclusive Multiwinia Preview
Forget grindfeasts like Age of Conan; try something awe-inspiring, like Multiwinia. "I’m going to yabber on at length, as I Know Things You Don’t Know," Kieron says.

Eurogamer: Mythos
Alec Meer previews Flagship Studios' cute-looking fantasy action-RPG: "There’s quite the chance it’ll absolutely massive. Find out a bit more about it, and how it’s changed dramatically in the last few weeks.."

Twenty Minutes Of Far Cry 2
Oblivion with guns? Mix a sunny African locale, an FPS worth playing and plenty of freeform wandering, and we get Far Cry 2. Rossignol asks: "Game of the year, anyone?"

Barnett on Games Journalism
EA Mythic's creative director lets it all out in an interview with Kieron. "Someone will offer you money. That’ll be the end of you."

Carmack: “Quake III was my personal favorite”
Carmack preferred the third installation; mine was the one called "Unreal Tournament."

The King of Limbo-oooooh!
If you've been following the background-swiping imbroglio around Limbo of the Lost, you'll be delighted to find that someone played through the whole thing. Past this link you can watch the ending video. "It's quite the thing," writes KG.

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  1. I gotta disagree with your UT comment. The CPMA mod for Quake III is by far the best deathmatch game ever.

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