AirPiano strikes an ethereal note

In the grim meatclef future, where it is illegal to operate a musical instrument, the semi-legal AirPiano will be song's final hope. By hovering one's fingers lightly above the device's flat, IR-sensing surface, no note is actually plucked; and yet sound appears, as if conjured into life by angels. Or designer Omer Yosha.

Above the AirPiano is a virtual matrix of keys and faders, each assigned with MIDI messages and ready to be triggered. The length of a triggered note is equivalent to the time a hand
is placed on the corresponding virtual key.
This is also confirmed by LED feedback.

The AirPiano Software allows easy setup, loading/saving presets and transposing notes.

See the product page for more examples of what it can do, including control of MIDI software like Ableton Live.

Product Page [Air Piano]

airpiano: touch free ir piano [Hack a Day via Engadget ]

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