Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart for the iPhone looks great

Mario Kart will not come to the iPhone until Shigeru Miyamoto drags his waxy, ghoulish skeleton back to the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus from which he was first awoken, that much is for certain. But if you want a Mario Kart style racer and you don't care if your driver is an anthropomorphic mushroom, a monkey named after a mule or a fever-dream plumber, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart looks like an excellent little knock-off.

Has anyone played Mario Kart for the Wii? How does the motion-based steering hold up?

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart [Polarbit via Gizmodo]

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  1. I really don’t like the motion based steering for Mario Kart Wii. Everyone tries it for a few turns then uses the nunchuck or a gamecube controller. It’s just a whole lot easeier to steer and drift. I think the issue is that motion based controls work best on games where doing the actual activity is more fun than playing the video game. But driving a car isn’t fun, playing Mario Kart is.

  2. I love the motion based steering for Mario Kart Wii. Although, it honestly helps a lot to use their wheel prosthetic. Using a the Wiimote bare makes it really easy to get off kilter.

    The steering controls on Mario Kart Wii are more natural then the iphone video you showed. Because you tilt the wheel left and right in mario kart, which is more natural then the in and out motion you have to use on Crash.

    For my kids, the motion controls were a lot easier for them to grasp then buttons. For me, once I got used to it, I liked it a lot better then a normal analog stick controller.

  3. mario kart for wii is super great. the jury is still out on which is better/easier- old school gamecube controller or wii control!

  4. My younger sister, a hardcore Karter from N64 days, prefers the standard controller for the same reasons as #1 – but she approaches the game with the focus and reflexes of a surgeon.

    For me, playing with the wheel is a blast and, the wheel interaction is a million times more forgiving than anything I’ve played on the PS3 with the sixaxis controller on games like Burnout or GTA where 5ร‹ลก of controller rotation seems to equal FULL STEERING LOCK so that I end up careening down the road, veering violently to the left and right in a series of never-ending steering corrections.

  5. I enjoyed playing with the wheel, but my preferred method is the nunchuck. On both the wheel or classic controller you have to use the cross pad for vital functions (weapons with the wheel, flips and jumps with the classic controller), while with the nunchuck arrangement you have the bigger shoulder-buttons for drifting and handling weapons, and just flick your hand to jump/flip – it’s much easier to manage and much more accurate, especially when you’re drifting and dragging a weapon at the same time.

    Gotta love the Wii, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Whilst I spent the first few weeks of playing MK determined to finish the game with the wheel (and loving every minute of it!) after a while I started playing more and more multi-player and getting my arse whooped by my friends I decided to substitute the Wheel for the nunchuck. Now I rival them and still have the same amount of fun.

    I think Symphonix pretty much summed it up perfectly.

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