Foldable Readius eBook reader coming by Fall?


A few hours ago, savvy BBG commenter Stratosfyr — in a comment mostly spent complaining about his mother's thriftiness and the terrorist applications of ebooks — mentioned another problem with the who ebook reader concept, especially when compared to DAPs: they aren't pocketable. Yet.

A new eBook reader by Polymer Vision, though, could change that by Fall of 2008, according to the CEO. The Readius eBook reader is a tiny five-inch e-paper display that pulls out like a window shade, capable of producing 16 levels of gray. There's no price yet and there's no telling what proprietary DRM soul killers this thing might come with.

Foldable's a step in the right direction, though I don't like the form factor of the Readius too much. And then there's the issue of always-on EVDO connectivity: this really is the Kindle's killer feature, and any ebook reader without it seems utterly gimped by comparison. But ultimately, until someone figures out how to make a bendable, wafer-thin, touchscreen e-reader display, it's going to be a choice of one or the other according to personal preference for a while yet

Readius Blog [Official Site via OhGizmo!]

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