First iPhone 3G unboxings appear


The swine! At least they can't yet activate their mole's little gift. For the rest of us, there is Friday.

Update: BGR is down. CrunchGear's got most of the gallery mirrored. Gizmodo, however, spotted a Portuguese site that got one even earlier.

iPhone 3G unboxing, bitches!

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  1. he doesn’t even try to use that little screwdriver they provide to unscrew those fucking screws.

  2. Huh. I don’t know what it was about this posting that was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” but I’d have to say it’s a sad commentary on society when we get all amped up about taking a cell phone out of a box. One that will, in 3 years, be lying in a corner gathering dust. Who cares? It’s a freakin’ phone! They’ve been around for over a hundred years! Wouldn’t you rather be sitting outside in the sun, unboxing an ice cream sandwich in peace and quiet?

  3. Um, guess what, especially here in Canada I think the shine is off the ‘new’ iPhone 3G. A few improvements, sure, but still no video, low-res 2MP camera, and no stereo Bluetooth out? Come on, having the Apple logo on it just isn’t enough – its just not a huge deal any more, time to move on to newer and better gadgets, please.

  4. And you Canadians are getting reamed by the carrier, too. 150 minutes and 400MB of data? They saw you coming.

  5. @Scissorfighter: on virtually every post about iPhones on BoingBoing, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc., there’s always someone who likes to comment about the “sad state of society” that people are this excited about “just a phone”.

    If you think an iPhone is “just another phone”, frankly, you’re speaking out of ignorance.

    Let folks be excited.

  6. #2 – whatever the sentiment, I love the phrase “unboxing an ice cream sandwich”.

  7. I can’t stop thinking that the “3G” on the box looks like mammies on a bald head or a sack on a bald head or Peter Griffin’s chin.

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