'Dress for Dinner' napkins elegant, disposable


If you're about to go elbows-deep into a mess of barbecued crawfish but forgot to wash your tuxedo t-shirt, these "Dress for Dinner" napkins can restore a touch of class as you scoop mound after mound of musky crustacean into your yap. Unfortunately, if you mount the table properly — your lower mandible scuffing the underside of the table's edge, eyes rolled back to white as your head stretches back like a gorging snake — your effort to give the joint some real sophistication might go unnoticed.

They're $6 a pack, plus shipping.

Catalog Page [SpoonSisters.com via Apartment Therapy via Coolest-Gadgets]

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  1. I’ve never gone elbow deep into bbq crawfish. I suddenly feel as though my life is incomplete. Is yap the short form of yam gap? It should be.

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