Robot communism: Hey, we get to be the fleshy overlords for once.


Communists posit a dialectical relationship between two opposing classes, an economic engine that drives history, periodically turning itself inside-out as new means of production supplant their antecedents. The thoughtful among us might have chanced upon the thought now and again that by making super-efficient robots do all the work, we can free ourselves from the iniquities of capitalism without substitution by the mediocrities of a planned economy.

For most of us, the thought perhaps stops there: we have more pressing matters to attend to, such as photoshopping kittens or playing Peggle. It is fortunate, then, that someone else has explored this notion in depth. The future is the leisure-driven wonder world of Robotism©: "READ ON to DISPEL YOUR SKEPTICISM!

Dear techno-utopianists, I'm just having fun.

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