Touchscreen BlackBerry shots surface

Crackberry has the goods on RIM's glass-screened multi-touch iClone, the BlackBerry Thunder. It looks like this:


Or this:


Most interesting will be the haptic feedback, and whether it adds that special tactile sauce to the iffy experience of touchscreen typing. I think the physical ugliness is quite deliberate.

Exclusive, first live pics [Crackberry via Gizmodo]

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  1. I actually like the look of the thing. The end curves would fit in your palms quite nicely, whilst you used your thumbs to type on the keyboard. The font is ugly though.

  2. it does look like CS to me too. Good lord I hate anything that even comes close to that font. I have a Magellan GPS that uses a similar font. I cringe every time I turn it on.

  3. remmelt: It’s hard to say from a small sample, but to me it looks like Dom Casual or a (light) variant, which is actually a brush script font based on a style of lettering that used to be taught to sign painters.

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