World's oldest blogger dies

Olive Riley, a 109-year-old Australian lady thought to be the world's older blogger, died yesterday. From her final post:

Penny, who's in the next bed to mine, had a visit one day this week from her daughter, who's a professional singer. Guess what happened! She and I sang a happy song, as I do every day, and before long we were joined by several nurses, who sang along too. It was quite a concert!

Olive's new blog
Olive's old/main blog
'World's oldest blogger' dies in Australia [AFP]

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  1. I checked out the ‘new’ blog (the ‘old/main’ one doesn’t come up). Olive Riley had just been moved into a nursing home, typically an emotionally devastating event, but not for her, apparently….From that same final blog entry:

    Hello, dear friends everywhere.

    I can’t believe I’ve been here in this nursing home for more than a week. How the days have flown, even though I’ve been in bed most of the time. I still feel weak, and can’t shake off that bad cough.

    I’ve never been treated so well in all my life. The nurses can’t do enough for me. Ask them for anything, and they are only too happy to provide it.

    Amazing. Just plain happy and eager to expreess gratitude to the very end. Rest in peace, Olive.

  2. So, depending on how old the new title holder is, this may very well mean that there are now no bloggers who were born in the 1800s.

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