AT&T: activation woes not our fault

AT&T is blaming iTunes for the problems experienced by iPhone buyers over the weekend, with spokesman Mark Siegel identifying the weakest link in an interview with CIO. com. The software was simply overwhelmed by demand, writes Thomas Wailgum:

It appears that the digital supply chain side of Apple's house was unable to withstand the barrage of activation demands (through the iTunes site) that stormed in from 21 countries. Many frustrated customers had to wait varying lengths of time on Friday to get their new iPhones up and running. "The iTunes software appeared to have been so overwhelmed by demand today that customers were not able to go through that final stage and sync their iPhones," said AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel. (So far, Apple has not commented on the problems and did not return a message from CIO to talk about its supply chain.)

He goes on to look at "digital supply chains" and what the Apple activation failboat means for them.

How Did Apple's Supply Chain Fare During the iPhone 3G Rollout? [CIO via TUAW]

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