Make music on PlayStation Portable with PSPSeq 3


The third edition of PSPSeq, a fully-featured homebrew sequencer app with 16 audio tracks, is now available. You can use your own samples (in WAV format) or use a selection of softsynths to put together your choons. Hack a Day interviewed creator Ethan Bordeaux, who says the inspiration came from an attempt to write procedural music:

myself and some friends designed custom DSP hardware to create autonomous generative music (the project was called Chiclet). I created the synthesis engine running on the DSP. I learned a lot from the project but wanted to make a tool that could contain some of my synthesis and sequencing ideas but in a more user friendly package ... I also considered using the GP2X however the PSP has a lot more horsepower and a larger installed base.

Listen to Keira, a track made on the new edition. Anyone out there remember the days of MED on the Commodore Amiga?

PSPSeq 3.0, PSP sequencer release and interview [HaD]
Product Page [Dspmusic]

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