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  1. Ummm….Am I still on BB? Why doesn’t this have “steampunk” plastered all over the place?

    /Actually enjoy the steampunk aesthetic.

  2. Must… control… drool…

    As cool as the little miniatures that came with the limited edition Bioshock were, this is that much cooler for being fashioned out of metal scraps.


  3. That is pretty awesome. I’ve met the guy that made these actually, he was at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA and he had his wares out for sale. He has some really neat stuff.

  4. I don’t know what came over me. I saw this and I…I bought it. And the Walle. And the Robby… I think I need help.

  5. Yes, you do need help. Carefuly pack and send the Big Daddy to the following address…

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