Designer motorcycle helmets by Jérôme Coste


Some absolutely bitching motorcycle helmets from French designer Jérôme Coste, who became interested in designing protective headgear after suffering his sixth high-speed cranial fracture. The designs are inspired by sci-fi movies, Japanese anime and a dash of Steve McQueen. This is the type of helmet you wear when you get onto a motorcycle, light yourself on fire, give the thumbs up, and proceed to be hoisted down into the sulfur-scented barrel of a gigantic cannon aimed at the other side of a magma-filled gorge.

Motorcycle helmets for the Great Escape [Core77]

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  1. These are beautiful but I am a little surprised that he chose form over function even though he says he started designing helmets for safety reasons. I guess it would be impossible to give full-face helmets the luxe retro sheen that these have. Not sure I am a fan of the vintage football helmet look of the inside, though (or of the price, I’m sure).

  2. Nice helmets and all, but did you say he fractured his skull (or as Core77 put it, had “cranial traumatisms”) six times before he became interested in helmets? Dude might be just a little slow on the uptake; certainly after six major blows the the head he should be.

    As for “cranial traumatisms”, I can’t decide whether to love or loathe that coinage. It seems clunky at first blush, but say it out loud and, well, it grows on you.

  3. “Dude might be just a little slow on the uptake”

    apparently. he seems to be still on the way to realizing full face helmets are the way to go. safety over aesthetics kids.

  4. Full face at all times.

    I once met a girl in London who’d lost it on some black ice. Her bike went one way andnd she went spinning off in the other.

    She spun around and caught the tail pipe of a car exhaust in the face.

    It cut her lips off like a cookie cutter.

    and that is wy I say


  5. There’s nothing quite like watching the pavement go by an inch in front of your eyes to make you appreciate a chin bar and shield. Been there, done that, got the titanium. (But not the plastic surgery.)


  6. Fell down on a corner at slow speed. Skidded on the road for a few metres. Visor broke. Plastic pieces broke off my full face helmet. Extremely glad it was not my nose and chin that was grinding on the road surface, or I would no longer have either today. It would have been pretty hard to talk without a lower jaw too. 🙂

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