Judge hammers ATI and Nvidia: "This court is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of your companies."


Plaintiffs have scored a coup in their antitrust action against video card makers ATI and Nvidia, after the presiding judge in their case, William Alsup, excoriated the defendants for trying to keep "trade secrets" sealed – in particular, an email which suggests the two companies fixed prices to one anothers' advantage.

"This court is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of your companies. I am against you hiding information from the public. If we get to summary judgment in this case nothing will be under seal," he said.

More evidence of wildly inflated prices: Nvidia chopped hundreds of dollars off its priciest models just a few days ago. Just imagine what the margins were like!

Plaintiffs Score With E-Mail Evidence in Multidistrict Price-Fixing Case [Law.com via Techdirt]

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