Report: French women bathe with their cell phones at hand


A survey published by mBlox claims that 14 percent of Parisian women take their cell phones to the tub, compared with only 4 percent of men. It's a junk survey, with only 221 respondents, but that's still a huge gap.

About a third of 18-24 year olds in the roundup said they'd get out the shower for a phone call. Mblox's Christophe Collier portrays it as the spontaneity of a new generation:

“Quite apart from the hygiene and safety issues associated with the practice of interrupting the cleansing routine to take a call or text, these findings do reveal the ease and frequency with which the younger generation exchange information in a way that is genuinely non-planned, spontaneous,” added Collier.

If you leave the charger plugged in, it could Alka Seltzer for a new generation, too. Plop, fizz!

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Stats & Research: Allo. Allo. Je Suis Dans Mon Bain. [160characters via Textually]

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  1. People actually get out of the shower for a phone call? WTF, they must have way more hot women calling them than myself. I usually don’t even want to answer mine when it’s in my pocket.

  2. The idea of getting a phone call from a Parisian woman in her bathtub is actually pretty damn sexy.

  3. So they are now calling the mix of ADD and call-whoring (“ZOMG! I have a PHONE CALL!!!)”spontaneity”? Whatever.

  4. Doesn’t Seinfeld have a bit about how the shower is the one last place where you cannot be reached/interrupted? “Oh, Mr So-and-so is playing with his kids, I’ll go get him”; “Oh, Mr So-and-so is in a meeting, I’ll go see if he can come out”; “Oh, Mr So-and-so is having lunch, I’ll go hand him the phone”; “Oh, Mr So-and-so is out, but let me see if I can get a hold of him”; “Oh, Mr So-and-so is asleep. I’ll wake him up”… versus “Oh, I’m sorry, Mr So-and-so is in the shower. Could you call back later?”.

  5. Even if the charger is plugged in, so what? What comes out of the charger is low voltage (likely less than 10V), well below the 30V limit they put in hospitals.

    There’s a company somewhere that sells phone ‘condoms’ – it’s more or less a normal condom that you put on your phone, and tie the end. Apparently invented by a painter who dropped his phone in a tin of paint…

    Also, a trick I heard about (not tried) in case you do drop your unprotected phone in water is to (previous to the incident) collect a heap of those silica-gel desiccant things you get in shoes and other things, put a lot of them in a box, then put your wet phone in with them. The silica should absorb all the water before too long, and hopefully you’ll be back to normal.

    I did once drop an old sony-ericson in the bath but surprisingly it worked without problem once it dried out.

  6. >The silica should absorb all the water before too long, and hopefully you’ll be back to normal.

    I’ve heard horror stories from people who dried out their phones only to have them die six months later from horrific internal rust damage.

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