When Nerds Attack: the stupidest hacks of all time


San Francisco's government, according to reports, permitted one of its techs to create a network mastered with a single password. Then it permitted the man who knew that password to screw it over. The courts will sort out the truth – Terry Childs, the suspect, is now behind bars after refusing to disclose the password – but this is far from an isolated incident. Wired's Threat Level blog recounts some of the dumbest hacks of all time, a list that includes database deleters, login louts and other offenders.

"At least one can be thankful that when someone in the IT department goes postal, they tend to take down the mail server, not pick up an assault rifle," writes author Ryan Singel.

San Francisco Held Cyber-Hostage? Disgruntled Techies Have Wreaked Worse Havoc [Wired: Threat Level]

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  1. “Journalism” by folks who have never admin’d a network. In the real world its surprisingly common that all your network gear has the same high level password or all your unix servers share a common root password and in Windows there are several domain admin equivalent accounts which if you know one you have access to everything.

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